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Streamlined Integration, Effortless Experience

Experience hassle-free integration with 529|Now - no implementation or technology changes required. Streamline your processes effortlessly and bring simplicity to your 529 owners and beneficiaries.

  • No implementation or technology changes required
  • Enhance your services with our user-friendly platform

Contributions to Withdrawals, Anytime, Anywhere

Empower your account owners and beneficiaries with a mobile experience like never before. Whether they are contributing or withdrawing, 529|Now ensures a seamless user journey, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

  • Empower account holders with a modern, mobile experience
  • Flexibility and value for users, whether contributing or withdrawing

AI-enabled 529 Assistant for Intelligent Support

Introducing our AI-enabled 529 assistant - your intelligent support system. Answering personalized account holder inquiries within their unique situation, this feature ensures smart decision-making and engagement, setting your 529 plan apart from others.

  • Personalized responses to account holder inquiries
  • Harness the power of AI for a smarter, more efficient operation
Safety & security

Safe Money + Secure Data

The only thing more valuable than your customers' money is their personal information. We work diligently and proactively to restrict any unauthorized access to their data. Here are just some of the ways EduFi keeps your customers' accounts safe and secure.

Data Security

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest using the industrial strength AES-256 encryption standard. To further protect accounts, we also provide access to 2FA.

Active Monitoring

EduFi actively monitors its systems and accounts to spot issues before they develop. We have also deployed advanced protection against automated threats.

FDIC Insurance

EduFi accounts are held with our sponsor bank; therefore, customer money is backed by FDIC insurance (up to the maximum amount permitted by FDIC regulations).
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